Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following may help. If all else fails, a recording should be available from https://standrewsleckie.co.uk/sunday/ after the service has finished so don’t worry if you struggle the first week.

How do I get the Sunday Service on my computer?

Just before 11am, goto https://standrewsleckie.co.uk/sunday/ and scroll down till you get to the “Live Stream” image. Click in the middle of it and it should just start. In the bottom right corner is a button you can click on to make it fullscreen so easier to see.

How do I get the Sunday Service on my TV?

if you have a “Smart TV” you may be able to click on YouTube with your remote and enter “St Andrews Leckie” with the search to find “Sunday Service”. Even if you don’t have a Smart TV, some boxes connected to your TV like NowTV also have a YouTube app.

I am not getting any sound, any hints?

Before you panic, the rolling notices at the start of a service don’t traditionally sound to allow you to spend a moment focusing on God before the service. But the common things to check on a computer is if you have external speakers, are they switched on and plugged in. Also in Windows there should be a little speaker icon at the bottom right – click on it to check the level and that it is not on mute. Also YouTube has a volume control at the bottom of the screen so try checking that too.

How do I join an online Prayer meeting

The links are not available online so please email or phone the office to get details. You can connect with Zoom or dialling in over a telephone. We try and mute our microphones when not praying to keep background noise to a minimum. If it is your first time using Zoom, try to login about 10 min early to have a play first.