This week we will be using Zoom @10.30am for a pre service chat. If your Parent/Carer has filled in the consent form you should have been sent a link.

7up Sunday 19th April

What was Jesus really like?

Segment 1 Questions

1 Based on this story, describe Jesus in three words.

2 How is Jesus portrayed in society today?

3 Do you think there is anything Jesus wouldn’t forgive?

Segment 2 Questions

1 Do you think Jesus would still draw a crowd today? Why or why not?

2 Do you think God notices people individually?

3 What do you think was more important for the woman, the healing or being noticed by Jesus?

Segment 3 Questions

1 Is doubt a good or bad thing? Why?

2 Why doesn’t Jesus give Thomas a hard time for doubting?

3 If these were the only three stories that we ever knew about Jesus, how would you sum him up?


Think about this question again: “What do you think Jesus was really like?” What has changed? What do you think now? Do you have more questions?

NUA Challenge

There have been many inspiring movements under the name of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. In light of this session’s topic, the NUA challenge for this week is to commit an ‘intentional act of kindness’. Maybe someone you know is struggling with isolation that could really do with a friend right now—or maybe there’s someone you need to forgive. Whatever it is, challenge yourself to intentionally reach out to someone this week.