Sunday 15th May 2022

In Person

As with all places of worship, if you have any covid symptoms on a Sunday please refrain from attending. Doors open at 10:40 for the morning and 6:40 for the evening, please try to arrive at least 5mins early as we start on time for the live stream (morning only). You no longer need to wear a mask, although you are welcome to if you wish. Please keep a seat gap between family groups. Thank you. Please also fill seats from the front to make space for late comers.

Live Stream

We stream our Sunday morning Service from about 10:45am using our YouTube channel and on In addition to following the links or viewing from this page, if you have a “Smart TV” you may be able to click on YouTube with your remote and enter “St Andrews Leckie” with the search to find “Sunday Service” or enter the address in its built-in browser. Please also see our page on Staying Connected. If you get stuck, let us know and we may be able to help or loan you something to watch the service on (if live in the Peebles area).

Dial-In Service

If you (or someone you know) can’t access the service online, you can also listen to the service with your landline phone. Simply dial 01721 444 833. This number will relay the sound live but in the event of problems or if you miss it, a recording will still be available afterward by pressing 1 on your handset. This is a Peebles local number, please check with your provider for charges.

We have groups for under 18s

Sunday Club (P6 and under)
Please bring along children at 10:45 am to be signed in. If you are visiting the area or simply never been before we will just need to get your contact details and any special requirements that we need to know about.
7Up (schoolage P7 and over)
We meet in the bakehall on Sundays from 10:45 with a quick visit into the first part of the main service.

Embedded Stream

Order of Service

Praise: Death was arrested
Praise: In Christ Alone
Children’s talk using Christian Aid video
Prayer with the Lord’s prayer
Praise: As for me and my house
Children and young people leave to their groups
News Slot (Ron followed by Malcolm with slide)
Prayer to dedicate offering/thanksgiving/intercession (Malcolm)
Bible reading: Zephaniah 3:14-20; Romans 8:14-17 (Anne Carruthers)
Praise: All to Jesus I surrender
Sermon: Knowing God: Freedom from fear part two
Response songs: No longer slaves
Who you say I am
Closing Blessing