Special service of worship for the beginning of the year for our Presbytery

Tuesday 1st September, 7pm-7.30pm
Led by our minister, Malcolm as he begins as the Moderator of the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles for this year. Join us as we seek God’s guidance and blessing upon the churches in our area for the coming months.

Presbytery oversees all the churches in our local area and its membership is mostly comprised of the minister and an elder from each congregation. Ordinarily members of Presbytery are welcomed to a service of worship hosted by the congregation (s) that the Moderator belongs to. As we are unable to physically meet within our church building, we are hosting an online service and it would be wonderful to know that we are ‘virtually’ gathered together as God’s people.

As well as the obvious issues caused by the pandemic, we have particular challenges concerning the availability of ministers, both in terms of the number of churches who are currently without a minister and a reduction of the number allocated to this Presbytery. The pressing need in all of our decision making and organising is to know God’s wisdom, provision and blessing, enabling His church to grow in Christ.

It is my prayer as Moderator of the Presbytery, that God would enable me to help us focus upon Jesus, encourage faith and seek the renewal of the Holy Spirit.
Please join with this prayer and brief time of worship to seek the Lord.

Presbytery Service

Tuesday 1st September, 7pm-7.30pm

This service can also be viewed from our YouTube channel on your smart TV. Simply search for “St Andrews Leckie”. If you (or someone you know) can’t access the service online, you can listen to the service with your landline phone. Simply dial 01721 444 833 from 7pm.