Pancake Day 2021

We are having an online Pancake session, all welcome.

It will be on Tuesday 16th February at 6.30 till 7.30pm. Zoom link will appear here an hour before. Just be there with the needed ingredients (see an example recipe below) or a mix packet and your choice of decorations.

Prizes for:

  • Best taste
  • Best decorated pancake
  • Best flip
  • Most spectacular fail

  • 1 2 3 Pancake Recipe


    100g plain flour
    2 large eggs
    300ml milk


    Put frying pan on 3/4 heat with a touch of oil
    sive flour and put all ingredients in a jug – mix with a hand mixer
    when pan hot, pour the mixture and you know the rest…

    pro tip – keep dog in other room when flipping, you then have 5 seconds to pick it up if drop the pancake