Mission and Outreach

Mission and Outreach

A Growing People

We have a vision to grow as a church.

The beginning of the book of Acts, describes how the first church came into existence on the day of Pentecost. The risen Lord Jesus poured out the promised gift of the Holy Spirit and as a result many people placed their faith in Christ when they heard the good news – 3,000 in one day! When the Spirit of God is poured out, people respond in faith to Christ and the church GROWS.

Our vision is that in the years ahead, we’ll know the work of the same Spirit of God among us, drawing people in their brokenness to Jesus. We’ve known that in some measure in the last few years and as we know more of the work of the Spirit, we will GROW – both as a church and as individual Christians.  We will GROW as a worshipping people as we experience more of the goodness and the Presence of God together.

Central to this vision is that everyone has a part to play as we GROW together as disciples of Jesus, growing in our faith and becoming more like him. We will GROW as the body of Christ, as each individual member grows and is encouraged to use their gifts to serve him.

As we look ahead, ten years from now, our vision is that we will have:

Grown, with people who do not yet know Christ having come to faith

Grown as worshippers and disciples

Grown as the body of Christ where people exercise their gifts

Mission and Outreach

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirt comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses… (Acts 1:8)

Our vision is that the Spirit of God who was poured out on the church at Pentecost, bringing many to joyfully worship Jesus, will move in our own community in reviving power.

Mission and Outreach is all about making the good news of Jesus Christ known within our community and our church growing as a place of healing and restoration for people whose lives have become broken. Thanks to my Father-in-law, our house is full of restored treasures. A disused fence has been transformed into a Wendy house in the garden; a broken cot has been raised up as a wood shed; an old bed has found new life as a bench. I like thinking about the church as a place of restored treasures, where sinners find forgiveness, broken people find healing and people who have become lost find hope in Christ.

Do you have a heart to reach out to people beyond the church? Perhaps you have a particular burden for young families that we already connect with through our groups or for people whose lives have become broken. Even if you find the thought of sharing faith very scary (most people do!), let us know that this is something you care about and would like to serve in some way.

Or you could get involved in a specific outreach, from parents and toddlers’ groups, to our annual joint church Chattabox holiday club and Big Sunday Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to serve. Every Autumn we run an Alpha course to enable people to explore the Christian faith. You could get involved by volunteering to provide a meal or serving on the team as a helper or facilitator. Perhaps, you could commit to pray for the course or think about inviting someone from outside the church to come to Alpha with you.

Malcolm Jefferson