Our Ministry Areas. One of the exciting things about being part of church is that the Lord gives each of us gifts and calls us to play a part in all that He is doing.


Ministry Leader: Carrie Duthie

Purpose – To encourage everyone to develop natural rhythms of  prayer that are focused on growing our relationship with God and with each other.

Outcome – A community for whom prayer is an integral part of all that we do.


Ministry Leader: Robert Wilson

Purpose – To deepen the spiritual life of the congregation through facilitating a lifelong learning journey.

Outcome – A community that seeks out opportunities to learn from God’s word and from fellow Christians and apply that teaching in their daily lives.

Alpha and follow up

Ministry Leaders: Andrew and Julie Knox

Purpose – The development of opportunities to explore the Christian faith in a non-judgemental and non-threatening environment, and to welcome all those who choose to become part of our community.

Outcome – The establishment of, and ongoing support for a committed team dedicated to running Alpha (and similar initiatives) regularly and supporting our new members.

Local Evangelism and World Mission

 Ministry Leader: Michelle Sterricks

Purpose – To preach the good news of Jesus Christ.  To engage with our World Mission, including overseeing partnerships with Open Doors, IJM, Partnership Churches in Malawi.

Outcome – A congregation of mature disciples who reach out in     mission and evangelism to people of all ages and stages.  A congregation with a global perspective and a heart for God’s church all over the world

Pastoral Care

Ministry Leader: Pam Yuill with support from John Dimmock

Purpose – To love and care for one another in tangible ways

Outcome – A people who model ourselves on Christ, supporting one another, spreading God’s caring love within the community.

Youth Ministry

Ministry Leader: Vacant

Purpose – To affirm and encourage young people in their identity and worth in Christ and his church.  To have them know that they are

deeply loved and valued and to reach all young people within our church and community with the good news of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways.

Outcome – Young people who feel nurtured, encouraged and loved by God and the church and able to respond to God’s call on their life

Children’s Ministry

Ministry Leader: Laura Cassidy

Purpose – To teach our children about Jesus Christ, in a safe, fun and loving environment encouraging them into a personal relationship with God.

Outcome – Children who know God’s love, feel secure in their         relationship with Him and within our Church, freely expressing their gifts, desiring to know more.

Stewardship and Finance

Ministry Leader: Yvonne Elliot

Purpose – To honour the responsibility that all Christians have by stewarding all of our resources and to encourage our church family to respond in whatever way they can to God’s gifts to us.

Outcome – A congregation that gives sacrificially of their time, talents and money to honour God in response to His unconditional love for us

Property and Fabric

Ministry Leader: Jim Yuill

Purpose – To maintain the tools we employ – buildings, facilities, equipment, etc., – in working towards the realisation of God’s vision.

Outcome – A resource that frees us up to be the people God wants us to be, focussing on the things that matter to Him.

Communication (including A/V)

Ministry Leader: Marc Haslam

Purpose – To present God’s people and the work of the church in such a way as to promote further interaction and to oversee ensure clear communication within the church family.

Outcome – A consistent online/printed/audio/visual persona that   accurately reflects who God is, who we are and what we do and a church family who are well informed, connected and engaged with our mission and ministry.


Ministry Leaders: Paul Henderson & Angela Dimmock

Purpose – Worship is an essential part of our walk with God. To encourage everyone to worship not only during our services but throughout the week.

Outcome – A community for whom worship is an integral part of all that we do.