Kick Start

Starting 28th October 2020 with the following 3 online sessions, there is no obligation to attend them all – just pick what you think will be helpful.

Making your money go further
This session is designed to help attendees manage their money and reduce their spending where possible; for example, when doing a weekly food shop. Together, you’ll discover simple, practical ways to save money and stick to your budget when shopping. The session also aims to help attendees save money while shopping safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Handling habits
In this session, you’ll introduce the three stages of the habit loop – trigger, routine/behaviour and reward – and give examples of habits to show how they break down into the three stages of the habit loop. The session aims to empower attendees to avoid triggers and/or adjust their responses to them, and encourage them to put what they’ve learnt into practice.

Anxiety and worry
This session focuses on worry and anxiety, and the impact these emotions can have on our everyday lives. Worry is something we’ve all experienced, especially during the pandemic, and it’s not something we should just ‘shrug off’. During the session, you’ll talk about what’s worrying each of you at the moment, and look at different types of worries, including those which genuinely alert us to the possibility of danger, and those which we have no control over.

Each session will last around 40 minutes at 2pm, repeated at 8pm. There is no obligation to share anything or to do anything after the session. You don’t need to be a christian, all the advice given is helpful for anyone. It is just our way to help with what we are all going through just now.

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Session 1 (Making your money go further) 28 Oct
Session 2 (Handling habits) 11 Nov
Session 3 (Anxiety and worry) 25 Nov
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