KickStart 2021

KickStart 2021

Starting 17th February 2021 with the following 3 online sessions, there is no obligation to attend them all – just pick what you think will be helpful.

17th Feb – A healthy you

It’s no surprise that our eating habits and diet affect our physical health, but they can also significantly impact our emotions and mental wellbeing too. Taking care of our mind is just as important as looking after our body, and this session will look at some simple and practical ways to make sure we’re feeling good and functioning well both mentally and physically.

24th Feb – Handling loss

As we go through life, we all experience loss and the emotions that come with it. We can struggle with feelings of loss for all sorts of reasons, including when somebody passes away, the end of a relationship, a health diagnosis, and even a positive change like a promotion or getting married. Grief is the process we go through when we experience the pain of loss. Not dealing with loss in a healthy way can lead to feelings of powerlessness and fear.

3rd Mar – Lifting financial pressure
Sadly, all of us will experience financial pressures in our lifetime. Dealing with this pressure can be stressful, challenging and sometimes lonely. In this session, you’ll be guided through ways to take control of your money and reduce the pressure. You’ll look at how to create a budget based on income and outgoings, how to identify the difference between wants and needs, and how to practically apply what we learn together.

Each session will last around 40 minutes at 8pm. There is no obligation to share anything or to do anything after the session. You don’t need to be a christian, all the advice given is helpful for anyone. It is just our way to help with what we are all going through just now.

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