Giving 2021

Church of Scotland National Giving Day – 24th October

This is an extract from a communication that has been circulated to all churches from the Church of Scotland Stewardship and Finance Department:
Congregations have been encouraged by the General Assembly to participate in a church-wide National Giving Day at a time of their choosing over the season of Harvest 2021. This will provide people of all ages an opportunity to reflect on God’s presence with us through these challenging times and to offer gifts of thanksgiving back to God.

Money received through this initiative will remain with participating congregations who will choose how to use these gifts. This money may be used to fund specific work, to launch a new project or simply to offset deficits taking into account the challenging financial circumstances faced by many of our churches over the last money locally or direct it towards projects at home or overseas, provided that it will be used in line with the charitable objectives of the Church.

The money raised through your congregation’s involvement in the National Giving Day will not be assessable for Ministries and Mission purposes. Congregational Treasurers should separately identify the income donated and be able to demonstrate it was specifically given as part of this initiative. The total received should be recorded under a ‘National Giving Day’ line in the analysis of donations note in the accounts. This will enable these gifts to be excluded from assessable income which is used in calculating the Ministries and Mission allocation.

What we are doing for National Giving Day

First, we would like to thank you for your support over the last 18 months. For many, it has been a difficult time, and may still face hardship, reduced hours, loss of employment, or ill-health. We have been truly blessed as a church by your support!

Second, it is a great opportunity to review what you give to the church. For some, you may feel able to increase a standing order that has not changed over the years. For others, it may equally be good to reduce if your personal situation requires. When reviewing what you can give to the church also remember this is a form of worship so don’t restrict yourself to just money – have you thought about helping with the gardening or coffee team?

Third, Over the last few weeks, we have highlighted some individual areas in the news slot that have had or looking for support. Here is a quick reminder as you may feel led to give a one-off gift for these (or another area not mentioned):

Chairs – For those that have been in the church over the last month, you will appreciate the lift our new chairs have given to the space. On a practical note, they are also much easier to move on a weekly basis to make the space more flexible. You will also have an opportunity to “pay for a seat” on 24th.
Vision fund – We have some exciting projects that are ready to go once we receive approval from CoS such as the redevelopment of the Bakehall and redevelopment of the main entrance with an accessible toilet.
Youth and Children – Lots of progress here but also with costs such as paying for staff
Buildings – Sometimes overlooked but we still have to do the more “boring” things like keeping the building watertight and decorated. In the not too distant future our boilers will need to be replaced.
Eco congregation – Making sure we think of God’s creation as we move forward
CAP – We would love to set up a Debt center (with other churches) in the Peebles area.
Soul Restore – After a year, we have made a real positive difference to our community with the service now expanding to also provide counseling for youth.