St Andrews Leckie Email Setup

Todays update – Email accounts now created with new provider and data transferred. All should be working now – please note the new server addresses.

If you have a St Andrews email account, a note of your address and password then you (or someone more technical) should be able to get up and running with the following settings. If you get stuck setting up the email on your device, just use the webmail until we can help.


Simply goto the link:
Enter the full email address of your account (including the and password. The first time you login you may need to select Open under the RoundCube picture – if you click “Open my inbox when I log in” if will not need you to click this again. You can get back to this view by clicking on the CP icon later if you need to set your out of office. Click on the cog icon to change setting.

Computer/Laptop (Updated 27th)

If you already have a church account with the previous provider, please delete this before creating a new one. Most email software will ask much the same questions – if it asks a question not answered below, go with the default:

The username needs to be your full email address.
Select account type: IMAP

Incoming server (IMAP):
Encryption method: SSL/TLS Port: 993
Outgoing server (SMTP):
Encryption method: SSL/TLS Port: 465
Also tick a box that says something like “My outgoing(SMTP) server requires authentication” Sometimes you need to view “advanced settings” to see this.

Video of setting an email account in outlook


These will be much the same as for a computer. I have the outlook app downloaded on my android phone but most email programs are not that different. You simply delete the old “Account” and create a new one with the details above.