Creating and Deepening Discipleship

I wonder if like me you have wondered what it would be like to be living life in a way that you could say: ‘I am the best version of who I can be and I am journeying through life in a way that is so worthwhile and positive to those around me and myself’.

Jesus said that he would help us to live such a life. He specifically said: ‘I came so that they (you and I) could have life – indeed, so that they (you and I) could live life to the fullest’. Then, he expressed how that has the potential to happen when he said, ‘follow me’- journey through life with me, be my disciple and together we can grow towards that full way of living. His request was that we learn from him, that we orientate our lives around him, and in so doing our lives will be shaped by him – we become more like him.

You are invited to join in with a season of activity in St Andrews Leckie that will be focused on how we might begin or deepen the way that we follow Jesus in our everyday lives.

We will start with 3 sessions seeking to understand a bit more about what discipleship is:

‘What is discipleship?’ Mon 19 April 7-8.30pm
‘Why is discipleship important?’ Mon 26 April 7-8.30pm
‘How do we ‘do’ discipleship?’ Thu 6 May 7-8.30pm

We will then continue with a sequence of activities over the summer months and beyond, which will be organised so that those who have attended the first three weeks can naturally transition into them if they are able to.

These will include independently run group activities, running (approximately) every other week, interspersed with some ‘all together’ gatherings *:

‘Faith as a journey of discovery’ Mon 10 May 7-8.30pm
‘Understanding who we are’ Mon 24 May 7-8.30pm
‘Whole-life worship’ Mon 7 June 7-8.30pm
*All together gathering, to fellowship prior to the holidays Mon 21 June 7-8.30pm
*All together gathering, to re-connect and focus on ‘Prayer’ Mon 24 August 7-8.30pm
‘Being a servant’ Mon  6 September 7-8.30pm
‘Discipling one another’ Mon 20 September 7-8.30pm
*All together gathering, to consider ‘What next?’ Mon 4 October 7-8.30pm

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