Day Of Prayer

Day Of Prayer

We are excited to be having 16 hours of prayer on Maundy Thursday; 1st April. We anticipate God leading us as we pray into this season of Rebooting and what that means for us as a church. We feel that we are being led to pray for God’s presence, healing and people.

This will be on Zoom, but you can also telephone in to join others praying. There will be specific led prayer times. At other times a PowerPoint presentation will be shown with prayer prompts. The PowerPoint can be emailed or posted out to those of you who prefer to pray privately at home.

There are half-hourly slots. please sign up for a few if you like, you don’t have to stay for the full slot and can also drop in at other times that you have not signed up for. During all these times there will be at least 2 stewards in the room, but not necessarily fully visible on the screen all the time. So if you need any help with anything, just ask, and they hear and will help you!

To sign up please use this Google form.
Please sign up by midday Wednesday

We have a program of different types of group prayer available, where the prayers will be led by someone from the team, indicated in the program below. We also have blank times, but there will be some slides shared by the stewards to guide your prayers if you would like to use these prompts.

If you are a young person or child, there are specific times set aside for young people and children, where you might be more likely to see someone else from your age group and will have more support with prayer ideas. You can also sign up for different times if you want to.

If you are joining us for the seed liturgy (5pm) it will be good if you can have a seed with a pot of earth to plant it in.

Before Thursday 1st April, we will send you the zoom link you will need to access the prayer room. Thank you so much for joining in prayer with us!