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Why read the Bible?

The Bible is central to our faith. As members of the Church of Scotland our faith is based on God’s word which is revealed to us in the Bible. If we believe that God’s word is central to living out our faith as Discipleship leader I want to encourage you in reading the Bible. Why read the Bible? In Acts 2 vs 43-47 we are told that the early believers devoted themselves to…

Data Administrator

Data Administrator Job Description Purpose of the Role This role will manage, co-ordinate and enhance the effectiveness of all data systems used in various aspects of church life. These electronic systems are at the heart of the church’s administration, facilitating the management of the members’ roll, offerings and donations and general finance. They provide the facility…


BIBLE CHALLENGE 2017 As a Church with a vision to be a growing people we need to need us to go deeper into God’s word. You may have never picked up a bible before or been reading for decades, either way there is always something new to discover when reading with the Holy Spirit and trusting that it will help us grow as a community in our love for God throughout 2017 and…
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