AV Team

The AV Team

As we move back to the building for our services on a Sunday (with live streaming), we are now looking for more volunteers. To start with we can see 3 key roles. Don’t worry if you have not done anything like this before, we are happy to train you and there will always be someone on hand if you get stuck.


This is probably the simplest role. You get a tablet and just need to select what slide to be shown on the screen/live feed. They will be in order so just need to be able to read. You select the right part of the service on the left-hand side and then the relevant slide.



At the computer, we need someone to move through the “setlist” so we use the right camera / play the right video and use the right words feed. In addition, will also need to start and stop the recording and live feed. This is not as complicated as it sounds and there will always be someone on hand if your mind goes blank. Depending on the number of people available you may also need to select the right slides.


Probably the hardest of the 3 roles, but also the most satisfying. You get to have full control of our digital mixer to try and give the best sound for those in the church and using headphones for the people listening at home. Our mixer is really easy to use for anyone who has just used an analog mixer before. Even if you have never touched a mixer before, we can happily train you up – it’s not as complicated as it looks!


If any of this looks interesting please contact marc@standrewsleckie.co.uk or john@standrewsleckie.co.uk we would love to have you along to one Sunday to see what we do before committing to anything.