One Man Walking

John’s Story
“It’s really important that we pull together as a country, as a community…to ensure that we stop the carnage of suicide”.
John’s son Cameron died by suicide 2.5 years ago. In this incredibly moving video, John describes how his strange new world is a shocking place to be where there is still brokenness and still carnage. He talks about how honouring Cameron’s memory is no comparison to having him in the room.
John, and a small group of friends, are walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats (13 June 2022 – 27 August 2022) to open up the whole conversation around suicide. They hope these conversations will help to start to banish the shame and difficulties around suicide, and bring into the light, to help those who are caught up with suicidal thinking and suicidal planning.
John’s greatest desire since Cameron died is that there would be not one more life lost to suicide, and that’s why he believes passionately that we need to be absolutely united to prevent suicide.
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He will be walking in our area on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday at 8.30 to see John off for the day from Melrose Rugby Club.

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