Christian Aid 2021

Christian Aid week will run from 10th-16th May of this year. Unfortunately we won’t be able to hold our usual fundraising events that involve social gatherings so we will be focussing  on the house-to-house drop-off of donation envelopes.  There is no requirement to pick these up as people will be encouraged to take their donations to collection points around the town or donate online at

If you can help with the drop-off of envelopes please get in touch with Fiona Lumb by email at or phone 07872 838764

Some of us are registering for the kilt walk and doing a local sponsored walk on the weekend of 23rd-25th April to raise funds.  You will find all you need to know about registering for this at  Using this organisation means that any money we raise will be increased by 50%.  Please contact John Hutchinson at or tel 01721720885 for ideas for local routes etc.

We really hope you will get involved with our fundraising effort in whatever way you can!