Holy Communion 31st January

Holy Communion (31st January, 11.45am via zoom)

We will stream our service of worship at 11am over YouTube much the same as normal (standrewsleckie.co.uk/sunday) with the option to phone in if you don’t have an internet connection. This service will finish at approximately 11:45am. Immediately following this, everyone is invited to join together for Communion on https://zoom.us (a link will appear on the website during the first part of the service). You will probably find it easier to follow by switching to “Speaker view” instead of “Gallery view”. It will be nice to see as many as possible but we will mute everyone’s microphone for the majority of this part of the service so Malcolm can be heard without distractions. Obviously you will need to provide your own bread and wine/grape juice.

Although it will be different we hope you still hear the invitation to come to the Lord’s table.