Peebles High School Update

Following the fire up at the high school, we are pleased that the children of our community will be able to continue their education. To make this possible S1-S3 students were relocated between the 9th-19th December in several locations within Peebles. The Leckie Memorial Church volunteered to be one such site. This has been extended into January.

More details can be found on the SBC website:

As a result of this, most church hall bookings during this period have been cancelled or moved (Not the Bakehall). Please contact the leader of any groups that should have been meeting to see if any alternatives have been arranged.

The following are a selection of key arrangements I have to hand just now:

Booking/Group Plan
Lunch n Chat Cancelled
Wednesday morning music Moved to Thursdays in Bakehall
Wednesday prayer Open prayer and 9:40 prayer time moved to the bakehall upper room.
Thursday revival prayer As normal in Vestry
Friday Tiny Toes Bakehall
SALT Group Moved to Bakehall 23rd 2-4pm
Womens Group Bakehall 24th 2-3.30pm
Loving hands knitting group Bakehall 17th 2-4pm