Eco Congregation

Following a recommendation from the General Assembly, we are now registered as an “Eco Congregation”. We hope as a congregation (both collectively and individually) it will help up to continue to look for ways that we can help the environment we live in.

We are in the process of completing the environment check-up to see how we can improve. But some of the things we have already done are as follows:

  • Fair trade coffee served in non-disposable cups after the service
  • Photocopier is carbon offset
  • All the paper we use in the office is Ecolabel
  • Where possible lights have been changed to LED
  • Seeking opportunities to reduce printing for e.g.  pdf  version of magazine available, electronic copies of Kirk Session minutes and papers.

Just a few highlights but we are more focused on where we can improve instead of patting ourselves on the back. If you have any suggestions for things that we could do and may have missed, please let us know.

And remember it is not just about the church, we can have a much more significant impact if we also think about what we are doing at home too. See on some hints about what you can do at home.

More information can be found at eco-congregation scotland