Our Sunday services in person (prebook) and online (YouTube).

welcome... Join us online this Sunday at 11 am. Even if you can't make it we would still love to connect with you. To Enquire about Counselling call 01721 400616 (mon – weds morning)

If you are ever in the Peebles area, we would love to welcome you to St Andrews Leckie.

Rev Malcolm Jefferson

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If we can pray for you, please let us know here or on our facebook page.

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We would love for you to livestream our Sunday service. If you can’t make it, why not get in touch.

If you are not a christian and would like to know more, the what is christianity video may help.


Morning Talks

Disciple: Real Prayer
22 Aug by Malcolm Jefferson

Disciples: Community of confession and celebration
08 Aug by Malcolm Jefferson

Disciples: Community
01 Aug by Malcolm Jefferson

Be who you are not who you are not
30 Aug by Malcolm Jefferson

Evening Talks